GunsAmerica says Endeavor ED = more than you pay for

GunsAmerica says Endeavor ED = more than you pay for

March 27, 2014

GunsAmerica, one of the top firearms, shooting and hunting websites in the world, recently reviewed our Endeavor ED 10.5 x 45 binoculars and were blown away by the tremendous value they found in them.

Citing Endeavor ED’s top-of-the-line optical technology, thoughtful comfort features, element-ready construction, and shockingly small price tag ($399) GunsAmerica went so far as to say buyers could expect to pay up to 500% more for a similar pair from our competition (no surprise here, of course).

Here are some other highlights:

“Endeavor ED 1045 binoculars are eminently useful for hunting, bird watching and general field use, and the image they deliver is even good enough for wide field astronomical applications … ”

“The rubber coating has thumb rests molded into the cladding and they are easy to hold in the palms of your hands, fingers wrapped around the tubes, with your index finger at the quick-adjust focus knob.”

“All-in-all, they are good looking, easy to use, deliver an exceptional image, and … are compact and easy to carry”

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