The Best Whitetail Hunting Packs for Your Type of Hunting

The Best Whitetail Hunting Packs for Your Type of Hunting

June 26, 2019

Whitetail Hunting Packs For Any Situation 

When it comes to whitetail hunting, one of the most important tools you can be using that often gets overlooked is what kind of hunting pack you are using. A quality pack can make a whitetail hunter’s life much easier and depending what kind of whitetail hunting you partake in can determine what kind of pack you need. In order to help you assess what kind of pack you might need based on your hunting situation, we’ve broken down a few of our whitetail packs to help you make an informed decision on which one is the best pack for your type of hunting.

Pioneer 975RT

The Pioneer 975 is an all-around whitetail hunting pack. Its the size of 16 liters will store quite a bit of gear and can carry either your bow or gun with its butterfly attachment. It’s a mid-size pack, so if you are planning to need a lot of extra gear for an all-day sit or you’re going way back on public land and have to pack a full set of extra clothes or something along those lines, you might want to go with the slightly bigger 1600 pack.

With the Pioneer 975, you can bring in the essentials to the treestand, carry your weapon of choice on the pack itself if you’ve got a bit of a hike and can haul in a little bit of extra gear if need be, such as snacks or an extra jacket. For the standard treestand bowhunter or gun hunter, this pack is perfect for you.

Pioneer 1000 RT Sling Style Backpack

The Pioneer 1000 Sling Style Backpack is tailor-made for bowhunting. It can easily carry your bow, alongside other hunting gear and essentials. If you are the type of bowhunter that likes to have your pack ready to go so you can throw it on before heading out to hunt and aren’t needing piles of extra gear, this pack is perfect for you. It’s the same size as the 975 coming in at 16 liters but offers dedicated bow hunting features and is quite detailed.

This pack is built for a bowhunter. It sits comfortably, even with the bow attached to it, meaning if you need to walk a mile back to your stand, you can carry the bow on the pack itself and not worry about an uncomfortable walk. It’s equally as detailed with its compartmental storage, allowing you to stay organized, no matter the situation.

Pioneer 1600RT

The Pioneer 1600 backpack is the do anything, go anywhere hunting backpack. This pack is a spacious 26 liters and can fit all of your hunting gear and personal items needed for those long trips or all-day hunts. It features the same butterfly attachment system, allowing you to safely carry your bow or gun on the backpack, giving you the ability to be hands-free during your walk into the stand or blind. Not only is this pack big, but it’s full of dedicated features and details, and will keep you organized and ready. One of the biggest hurdles to using a big backpack for an all-day hunt or a backcountry whitetail hunt is staying organized, and this pack clears that hurdle easily.

The Pioneer 1600 also works great for the self-filmer. With all of the extra storage opportunity, you can easily fit your hunting gear, as well as your camera gear in this pack. It also boasts extra attachment points for connecting a tripod, which could also easily be used for a camera arm. As a self-filming whitetail hunter, there isn’t anything much worse than not being able to fit your hunting gear and camera gear in a pack in a neat fashion, but this particular pack eliminates those worries. Whether you need to pack all the extra gear for a full day in the woods or have to add your camera gear, this pack is for you.

Pioneer 400RT Hunting Waist Pack

The Pioneer 400 hunting waist pack is perfect for the whitetail hunter that just needs to pack the essentials, for those short sits after a day of work, or for the spot and stalk/still hunter.  It’s a six-liter waist pack, compact, silent, water repellent, soft and durable. It’s also got a watertight pocket to keep essential items such as your phone secure and dry if you’re going out for a quick hunt and it’s raining. You can easily change position from the back to the front of your waist on the go, allowing you to decide where you want to access your essentials. Keep it on your back for the walk into the stand and then seamlessly transition it to the front while on the stand so your essentials are easy to get at. It even has a mesh side pocket, so you can carry in a water bottle or other drink choice, giving you many different storage options for such a small pack. All of these options combined with the small size of the pack also makes it a go-to option when out scouting. Pack just what you need if you’re going to be spending a lot of time putting miles on the boots either scouting or shed hunting.

The 400 hunting waist pack is more than just a pack as well. It doubles as a hand warmer. Easily slip your hands into the sleeves of the pack and in it, you will find a soft, warm and cozy hand muff in between the double rear panels. What’s even better, is that the hand warmer includes a designated warming pad pocket, a zippered pocket for personal items and it comes with a shoulder strap, so if you want to use it by itself without the waist pack, you can. All in all, the Pioneer 400 waist pack is as versatile and valuable as there is for a whitetail hunter that’s looking to not pack a ton of gear to the stand.


When it comes to deciding which pack to purchase, first you need to evaluate what your needs are. What kind of whitetail hunter are you, and what do you value? Do you need a ton of room in your pack because you like to haul in a lot of gear or film? Do you only want to bring in the bare essentials? Or it might be somewhere right in between. Once you answer these questions, then you’ll be ready to decide on which pack(s) you want to add to your hunting arsenal.