Lori Card

Lori Card

November 06, 2023

I am Lori Card from Michigan. I was raised in a family of hunters. We were always outside doing something. My dad built the hunting blinds that our family hunted out of. He even put benches in them so my younger brother and I could take naps (we were that little). We were taught that it’s not always about the kill but the adventure. It’s up to God if you are able to harvest an animal to provide for yourself and family.

My grandfather was friends with Fred Bear. I recall him coming out to the hunting cabin on several occasions when we were younger. My uncle has traveled the world hunting every animal you can think of. When we were little, I recall sitting on the back of one of his lions when we would visit his office. My aunt holds an SCI World Record for her Yukon Moose. She is my inspiration!

I am what some might say is the adult onset hunter. Even though I grew up in a family that hunted, I did not. I raised two beautiful children who were taught to hunt, fish, and provide for their families from the land. I have three amazing grandchildren, who all love to hunt and/or fish as well. This goes to show that you are never too old to start hunting.

Growing up and not hunting was a choice I had made, as it felt strange or odd for me to hold a gun or shoot a bow and arrow. I didn’t want to hunt and risk wounding an animal. I was still involved with hunting and fishing; I just choose not to do it. I did raise both of my children to hunt and fish (with help from my family).

When I met Brian, my husband, he showed me how to shoot left-handed. You see, I was right handed but left-eye dominant, as was he. He was able to help me become more comfortable holding guns as well as a bow & arrow. He has been very supportive of my hunting/shooting. I will never be able to thank him enough. Knowing that as a new archer I would not just be able to go out into the woods and hunt without having any experience, my husband and I started shooting 3D courses. I started just focusing on kill zones of the animals, and during this time I was building my confidence in my shooting ability. Shortly after this, I became very ill and not able to shoot archery for three years. I am happy to be healthy again after three surgeries and back shooting archery and hunting.

Growing up in my family hunting, fishing, and learning all that the outdoors had to offer was more than just a passion for me -- it was a lifestyle. I wanted to help others learn how to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle as well. In 2014, I started Wild Card Outdoor Adventures; educating, encouraging, empowering, and promoting women and children in the outdoors.

Wild Card Outdoor Adventures organizes events that allow women and children the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a low-pressure, non-intimidating environment -- with the core philosophy of helping to get women and children into the outdoors, as well as protecting the freedom of hunting and dedication to wildlife conservation. Wild Card Outdoor Adventures works with women and children of all ages and skill levels who would like to learn and experience some of our time-honored outdoor traditions such as hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, and more.

I am very active in the outdoor community with organizations such as the NRA, NRA-ILA, Safari Club International, Back Country Hunters & Anglers, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ruffed Grouse Society, and Pheasants Forever – Michigan Women on the Wing.

I enjoy speaking at various seminars throughout the area such as Cabela’s Chesterfield events and outdoor expos. I am a certified Hunter and Bow Hunter Safety Instructor with the Michigan DNR, as well as a Coordinator for Michigan DNR Hunter and Bow Hunter instructors.

I enjoyed working with Vanguard in the past and look forward to working with them again. I feel that by combining synergies we can achieve the goals of Vanguard and bringing greater knowledge of its products to the general public. I look forward to being able to use, review, and promote Vanguard optics in all aspects of my adventures.

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