Endeavor Sling 203B Neoprene Sling, Black, Metal Hardware

Endeavor Sling 203B Neoprene Sling, Black, Metal Hardware

Item: Endeavor Sling 203B

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The Endeavor Sling 203B is a gun sling that’s all about comfort and function. The 3”+ shoulder pad with raised non-slip textured backing provides a secure, comfortable experience, and the pockets allow you to carry small items. It features an oversized thumb loop to help reduce arm fatigue, a ladder-lock buckle for quick length adjustment, and rust-resistant metal hardware.

Available in Black finish.

  • Shoulder pad is durable yet flexible to reduce shoulder pressure
  • 3" wide shoulder pad provides all-day comfort
  • Thumb loop for easy transport
  • Anti-slip texture secures sling in place
  • Quick adjustable ladder lock buckle to sling length up to 44 inches
  • Pockets for mini-tool knife, mini-flashlight, and other accessories
  • Rust-resistant quick-detach/attach swivel hardware included
$45.99 Buy It Now $49.99 Retail Price

Vanguard Endeavor Slings are your comfort solution when traversing terrain with your firearm over your shoulder. Featuring a durable and flexible shoulder pad, an oversized thumb loop, and a ladder-lock buckle for fast length adjustments, Endeavor Slings ensure that you are not hampered down by cumbersome rifle weight while spending another fine day afield.

Color Black Black
Dimensions (WxL) 3.375" x 45.125" 87 mm x 1145 mm
Item Weight 4.64 oz. 0.13 kg